Monday, November 15, 2010

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a little 'heart

Dear friends,
last week we talked about so much (too much) Mr. Califano which is in crisis and called for the law Bachelli. The annuity is € 24 000 per year and is intended for those public figures who have brought fame to our country and live in conditions of discomfort. Er actually Caliph is indigent, after a bad fall down the stairs and fractured three vertebrae, but after the outraged public reaction to the news of the request for money, has done promptly reversed, denying the obvious. Like any other public figure, you say, pulling the stone (the stone pulls ahahahaha ... sorry!) And hides the hand, but this time is different.

Apart from the usual media carousel that has seen him host a Striscia la Notizia Domenica5 and saying they do not want money from anyone, the problem remains. In fact we can not expect a public figure who has achieved a certain standard of life, back to pizza and figs. After villone bought a farm, we can not expect to sell everything and move to a small apartment in Trastevere for 60 meters paintings. But if it remains in the country, will continue to have large costs. For example dust. In the countryside is so, open a window, and dusts it all. Dust everywhere! Eccheccazzo, those least 24 000 euro a year just not enough to solve the problem of dust. A little 'heart, come on!

Good evening
the pizza carrier


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